Shingo Todoroki (轟 慎吾Todoroki Shingo) is a butler at the Hakureiryō Academy and one of the many friends of Akiharu Hino. He is also one of the few boys in the entire school (along with Hino, Sanke, and Kazamatsuri). Known for his perverted acts upon the ladies of the campus, he seems to be the least popular butler. Still, this does not affect his performance as a butler. Yet, he does have his times where his hormones get the best of him.


Shingo is one of the least important characters of the show, as not much is known about him. He is an outright pervert who admits that he only came to Hakureiryō because the girls who go to this school are either beautiful maids-in-training or high class ladies from prominent families. This caused him to have a poor reputation among the members of the school. He also seems to have a good friendship with Mitsuru.


Shingo is one of the more distinctive characters of the show. He wears the standard-issue butler outfit along with rimless glasses. He has black hair that is slicked back, gray eyes, and fair skin. He also seems to be one of the tallest characters of the show.


As said, he is well-known for being highly-perverse throughout the campus. He will go as far as scaling up a building just to see the ladies in the bathhouse. This highly invokes the wrath of Mikan most of the time. With this said, he knows his place most of the time when to not be himself, like when it is dining time for the ladies. He also has his times of being intelligent, but this usually follows up with a perverted rant. His demeanor also manages to scare away any ladies that are in casual contact with him.


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  • His voice actors in the anime are Takafumi Kawakami in the Japanese dub and Y. Chang in the English dub.