Selnia Iori Flameheart (セルニア=伊織=フレイムハートSerunia Iori Fureimuhāto) is one of the main characters in the Ladies versus Butlers series. Selnia is extremely proud of her status as a part of the Flameheart family. She is introduced when she walks out of the academy grounds frustrated. As she is walking, she spots the new butler, Akiharu Hino, (who she doesn't know of yet) walk right past her. His appearance is that of a delinquent, and she yells at him for being near the campus. What follows is a series of insults (mainly Hino calling Flameheart a "drill head" (referring to her extravagant hair spirals) and a furious Flameheart trying to retaliate. After she trips both of them, Hino ends up on top of Flameheart and accidentally gropes her. Further infuriated, she chases him to the academy grounds, causing chaos upon the campus. After Hino bumps into Tomomi, she calms down the situation by saying Hino is a new butler-in-training. While outwardly harsh and condescending towards Hino, she continually appears to express concern for him when he finds himself in less than desirable situations, though this is usually followed by a blunt lecture or a small beating. Even though she outwardly denies feeling anything for Hino, she does in fact realize and accept how she feels.


Selnia comes from a very prestigious and honorable background. She was born rich, which explains her spoiled personality. It is stated that she and Tomomi have been in a rivalry for quite sometime ever since Tomomi transferred into the school, as she took her place as "Miss Perfect" (referencing to how she always gets higher exam scores than her). It is also stated that she has an estate in England, which also might explain her nationality.


Selnia is a light-skinned teenager of average height and slender build. She supports a very developed and curvaceous body with a slim waist and flared hips, and a well endowed bustline. Her skin tone and blue eyes suggests that she is of English nationality (as her family owns an estate in England). She wears an ornate red dress with a yellow ribbon that has a blue gemstone on it. Her abnormally large breasts leads to much exposure and abuse throughout the series, mostly due to Tomomi's pranks. With this said, this is slightly because Tomomi is envious of Flameheart's figure. Another distinctive trait of Flameheart is her large, extravagant hair spirals (which leads to her being referred by Hino as "Drill Head" or "Drill"). This leads to even more jokes about her hair (for example, Hino says she should drill holes with them) throughout the series. Humorously, her hair spirals spin and make drill sounds whenever she is jealous, frustrated, or angry.


Prior to her current behaviour Selnia was a very sweet, kind and nice girl, who always behaved nicely to others. However after coming to Hakureiryō Academy, and acquainting herself with Tomomi,  Selnia was constantly tormented by the sadistic teen, causing her to have a huge shift in her personality to cope with the stress. As a result, she now comes off as a stereotype of people coming from a rich background, being considered "spoiled", and "mean spirited". Tomomi constantly ridicules Selnia over how unladylike she behaves at times, or mostly over her abnormally large breasts, which Tomomi seems to have pleasure in exposing throughout the series. Selnia is also a tsundere, based on her behavior.

During her first encounter with Hino Akiharu, she resented Hino's presence and commanded him to go away on their first encounter. She also seems to be quite jealous and hot-headed, as she seems to be bothered whenever Hino is near. She is usually tsundere when it comes to her affections for Hino. This does not necessarily mean she dislikes him, as she starts to warm up to him from episode two and on. She is rivaling to be #1 in Hakureiryō Academy with Tomomi because she does not want to lose her hard-earned position to her. They are also both fighting for Hino's affections, as both get their own episode dedicated to be (mostly) alone with him.


  • When she is called "Drills" and when she gets angry, her hair will spin like actual drills(Which she is still unaware of).
  • Her voice actresses in the anime are Mai Nakahara in the Japanese dub and Carrie Savage in the English dub.
  • Her birthday is on the 24th of December.