Mitsuru Sanke (三家 満Sanke Mitsuru) is a member of the academy's servant-ed class and one of the few boys in the entire school. He's also a friend of Hino. He is rather a darling of the crowd, namely the ladies in the servant-ed class. He also takes a minor role in the story itself.


For the minor character that he is, not much is known about Sanke's background, as the story never focused on him at any point. It is known that he was at Hakureiryō Academy for quite some time though, along with his fellow butler/friend Todoroki.


Sanke has a sweet, innocent appearance, which makes him very dear to the ladies of the upper-ed. This does not make him more popular than Daichi, however. He has a very short height and a light voice, making him much like a child. He also has amber eyes, short, brown hair, and fair skin, along with wearing the standard butler attire. This makes him deemed cute by the upper-ed, which makes him more favored than Todoroki and Hino.


Expected of his appearance, Sanke has a good-natured personality. He is honest and kind, some traits not shown much from his friends. He does not approve of Todoroki's perverted habits, as he tries to stray away from him whenever he's planning something indecent. He also has times of embarrassment or shyness (e.g. the time he ran away during the cosplay/crossdress ball, where he was dressed as a little girl). His devotion to his duties as a butler is unquestionable, as he does it with a more refined and professional outlook like Daichi.


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  • His voice actresses in the anime are Ayumi Fujimura in the Japanese dub and Jessi Nowack in the English dub.