Mimina Ōsawa (桜沢 みみなŌsawa Mimina) is an upper-ed student at the Hakureiryō Academy. Despite her appearance, she is actually older than most of the cast themselves at 19 years old. She is a talented artist and hates having to draw for the sake of others, wanting to only draw what she likes. Although hating Akiharu at first, she starts to develop feelings for him when he stands up for her, telling other students that she only wants to draw for herself and not for others. She has been close friends with Pina ever since she arrived at the academy. She is also perhaps the only loli character in the series (excluding Pina if one prefers to classify her as one also).


Mimina is 19 years old despite looking 10 due to an illness, which has kept her in the hospital most of her life. Finding her stay boring at the hospital, the only way to keep herself entertained was by drawing, which became a major skill she has developed over time, drawing very detailed and almost life-like drawings. Because of this, she is sought after most people for drawing requests (especially Kazamatsuri, who dogs after her for his request for her to draw his beauty). In response, she is usually seen running away from others in timidness (and sometimes fear). Ever since Hino arrived at the academy, she has shown slight romantic feelings for him but does not show them publicly, but she treats him more like a big brother.


Mimina is the loli of the cast, taking on the appearance of a child. She is the shortest (and possibly even oldest) of the upper-ed class. She has an ornate yellow dress and pink mini-skirt for her attire. She has green, chin-length hair, pale skin, and golden irises. Also due to her illness, she has not developed a mature body like the rest of the female cast (excluding Pina).


Like her appearance, Mimina's personality is also child-like. She is a very mousey and timid character, unlike most of the bold and audacious cast members. She spends most of her time alone so she can concentrate on drawing. She is also pretty innocent, but at some times can be quite dirty (as in thoughts, like romantic/sexual fantasies with Hino, though these thoughts are usually created in the mind of Flameheart). She also seems to be more shy whenever Hino is around, and usually has a romantic thought about him following his presence.


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