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Episode 1: Boy Vs LadyEdit

Episode 2: Lady Vs Lady!Edit

Episode 3: Guard Vs Lady?Edit

Episode 4: Ladies Vs Virgin?Edit

Episode 5: Ladies Vs Ladies!!Edit

Episode 6: Secret Vs Boy?Edit

Episode 7: Ladies Vs MagicalEdit

filler episode

Episode 8: Summer Vs ScandalEdit

Episode 9: Date Vs Chaste!Edit

After seeing selina and hino kiss  tomomi starts to think about her feelings for hino.After there short little break selina starts to get nervous beacause of the kiss. she is very worried that he might tell everyone about them kissing.After class selina hides in the bushes waiting for hino to come to his room.It is then seen that tomomi ask him out on a date to which he goes to.While selina hears all of this.The next day tomomi remarks about how he did not dress appropriately for there date. while selina is still watching quietly she meets up win osawa and pina.After lossing track of hino and tomomi she finds them watching a chessey romantic movie. soon she meets up with shikikagami and her sister. they soon get kicked out for being to loud.Hino and tomomi's date ends with them talking about there childhood with eachother. Hino then says that he used to have a crush on her and wanted to marry her making tomomi momentarily blush. then there date is finaaly over.The episode ends with tomomi and selina thinking and walking about everything that had hapened to them personally.Then they meet up with hino who is confused with why they are there.

Episode 10: Love letter Vs RhapsodyEdit

Episode 11: Lady Vs Lady!!!Edit

Episode 12: Lady Vs BattleEdit